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modern urban planning - atmospheric architecture - imaginative communication
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Urban development


Concept storytelling

Urban planning with a view to the following future topics:

Space and variety of uses

Individualization Aging Society Nomadization

Greening climate change scarcity of resources

Digitization transparency

We work completely in the 3 D world and make this available during the process

In architecture we are interested in:

The room in all its design options is the great asset in architecture, rethinking space and materials, sustainable concepts for renovation and new construction with high density, all of our models are virtually accessible

Communication creates transparency and trust

If you want to touch people, you can't do it with mere facts. In order for a story to be remembered, it has to generate emotions. With sketches, pictures, films and texts, feeling and atmosphere are brought to life

Villa Maquiera

Ideas / concept

We are a committed team and work together on an interdisciplinary basis. The name MAS StadtRaum Architekten stands for emotional and extraordinary urban planning and architecture. We understand the conceptual design as something holistic that does not stop with the object but seeks, tracks down and transforms the relationship to the environment.


Wir arbeiten mit den neusten Tools - begehbare Stadt- und Architekturmodelle

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Wir erarbeiten Visionen für einen zukunftsfähigen Städtebau

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Wir Kommunizieren über virtuelle Ausstellungen - Filme -Visualisierungen - begehbare 3D Modelle

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Büro mit Tischen Design


We work with city planners, landscape architects, artists, computer scientists, traffic planners and engineers to perfect the design as a whole. In urban planning and architecture, we implement the concepts in 3D models and make them available during the entire process.



We implement valuable inspirations from the latest developments in the areas of urban planning, architecture, communication, virtual reality, scenography and digital media in real and virtual worlds.
Under the motto “Spatially design and stage transformation”, Raumwelten der STADT and in the age of digitization will be illuminated and new structures and principles of order for communication in space will be shown.

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MAS City Space Architects GmbH

Erlenstrasse 3B

8048 Zurich

Tel .: +41 78 804 20 44

Mario Santin


MAS StadtRaum Architekten GmbH 2014

Dipl.-Ing. Architect SIA

Focus :

  • Urban planning concepts

  • architecture

  • Communication strategies in various multimedia formats

Short biography:

  • Foundation, MAS StadtRaum Architects since 2018

  • Managing Director, CD Architekten AG 2014-2021

  • Foundation: gms architects GmbH 2006 - 2013

  • Foundation: Arttools Multimedia GmbH 2003-2013

  • ETH Zurich: Senior assistant in urban planning with Prof. Franz Oswald 1995-2003

  • 1994-1995 design architect at HPP Hamburg

  • 1993-1994 design architect NPS Hamburg

  • 1992-1993 Peter Eisenman New York

  • 1986-1992 studies at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern

Constantine Vokotopulus

Dilp.-Ing. architect


  • Architecture public and private projects

  • Interior design

  • 3D development

Short biography:

  • Freelance architect since 1998

  • Participation in the planning office Obermeyer Hellas Ltd. since 2008

  • Partner in the architecture office abps, Athens 1997-2012

  • Design architect Architects ABF Hamburg 1995-1997

  • Design architect Architects NPS Hamburg 1989-1995

  • Design architect, engineering office Albert Hamburg, 1988-1989

  • Austin Engineering Office, Dr. Neuhaus 1987-1988

  • Design architect, architects, engineering office Jürgens Hamburg 1986-1987

  • Studied at the University of Hanover 1979-1986